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2014 World Cup WINNERS

Every Four years the World comes together for one sporting event that surpasses the intensity and passion of any other. National pride trumps team alliances and a country's colors are worn like battle scars. This goliath of athletic competition captivates every corner of the earth and we're NOT talking about the Olympics. Of course it's the World Cup! So put on your salsa shoes because we're heading to Brazil.

Some information services dread the World Cup as a great unknown. Their inexperience in handicapping professional soccer becomes very evident when they struggle to make sense of the thousands of players, teams, and countries competing. Our strong ties to professional soccer in both Europe and Latin America give us a winning edge. From UEFA to FIFA, English Premier League to Primera Liga, we understand the subtle nuances of World class soccer. Also our strong network of connections to sports books in Central and South America give us information that you won't see on television or read in the newspapers. We have been able to use this superior information network to breeze through national club League play winning our client's an average of 64% in April and May. And we're confident that we will excel beyond even our own expectations.

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2018 World Cup Betting Odds

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FIFA World Cup 2018 – Outright Winner

Germany                             5/1

Argentina                            7/1

Spain                                     8/1

Brazil                                     8/1

France                                  10/1

Netherlands                       12/1

Italy                                       16/1

Belgium                                16/1

England                                20/1

Russia                                   20/1

Colombia                             25/1

Portugal                               25/1

Chile                                      33/1

USA                                       33/1

Bosnia-Herzegovina        50/1

Uruguay                               50/1

Croatia                                  50/1

Mexico                                 66/1

Switzerland                        66/1

Czech Republic                  66/1

Poland                                  66/1

Ukraine                                66/1

Denmark                             80/1

Sweden                               80/1

Greece                                 100/1

Serbia                                   100/1

Japan                                    100/1

Ivory Coast                         100/1

Nigeria                                  150/1

Turkey                                  150/1

Algeria                                  150/1

Austria                                  150/1

Ghana                                   150/1

Montenegro                      150/1

Romania                              150/1

South Korea                       150/1

Norway                                200/1

Bulgaria                                200/1

Australia                              250/1

Cameroon                           250/1

Ecuador                                250/1

Paraguay                             300/1

Costa Rica                            300/1

Hungary                               300/1

Canada                                 400/1

Bolivia                                   500/1

Macedonia                         500/1

Finland                                 500/1

Peru                                      500/1

Republic of Ireland          500/1

Wales                                    500/1

Scotland                               500/1

Iran                                        1000/1

South Africa                       1000/1

Northern Ireland              2000/1

FIFA World Cup 2014 – Outright Winner

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Brazil                                     11/4

Germany                             7/2

Argentina                            4/1

Netherlands                      9/2

France                                  7/1

Colombia                            11/1

Belgium                               12/1

Costa Rica                           40/1


World Cup 2014 – Name the Finalists

Brazil/Argentina                              7/2

Brazil/Netherlands                         9/2

Argentina/Germany                       6/1

Germany/Netherlands                  6/1

Argentina/France                            10/1

Netherlands/France                       10/1

Brazil/Belgium                                  12/1

Argentina/Colombia                      14/1

Netherlands/Colombia                 14/1

Germany/Belgium                          18/1

Belgium/France                               25/1

Brazil/Costa Rica                              33/1

Belgium/Colombia                         33/1

Costa Rica/Germany                       40/1

Costa Rica/France                            66/1

Colombia/Costa Rica                      80/1




Where will the 2022 FIFA World Cup be held?

Qatar                     1/1

USA                        9/4

Any Other           2/1

Current Fifa World Cup Odds

FIFA World Cup 2014 – Outright Winner

USA                                       66/1


FIFA World Cup 2014 – Top Goalscorer

Clint Dempsey (USA)      66/1


FIFA World Cup 2014 – USA – Stage of Elimination

Group Stage                       3/1 (Odds of advancing 1/5)

2nd Round                          2/3

Quarter Finals                    9/2

Semi Finals                          16/1

Runners Up                        50/1

Winners                               66/1


FIFA World Cup 2014 – USA – Top Goalscorer

Clint Dempsey                   1/5

Chris Wondolowski         33/1

Aron Jóhannsson             25/1

Michael Bradley                33/1

Jermaine Jones                 9/2

Kyle Beckerman               66/1

Alejandro Bedoya            66/1

Graham Zusi                       66/1

Mikkel Diskerud               50/1

Brad Davis                           66/1

Julian Green                       50/1


FIFA World Cup 2014 – Group G – Recife               

USA                       +½ (+115)            +650      O 2½ (+105)

Germany             -½ (-140)              -140       U 2½ (-125)

Draw                                                     +190     


FIFA World Cup 2014 – Group G – Recife – Alternate Line

USA                       +1 (-165)                              O 2 (-190)

Germany             -1 (+135)                              U 2 (+160)


FIFA World Cup 2014 – Group G – Recife – Alternate Line

USA                       +1½ (-220)                           O 1½ (-300)

Germany             -1½ (+180)                           U 1½ (+240)


FIFA World Cup 2014 – Group G – Recife – Alternate Line

USA                       Pick (+350)                          O 3½ (+250)

Germany             Pick (-450)                           U 3½ (-310)


FIFA World Cup 2014 – Group G – Recife – 1st Half Line

USA (1H)              +½ (-165)             +475      O 1 (EVEN)

Germany (1H)   -½ (+135)             +135      U 1 (-120)

Draw                                                     +110


USA vs Germany – First Goalscorer

Thomas Muller                  7/2

Miroslav Klose                   4/1

Mario Gotze                       5/1

Lukas Podolski                   5/1

Andre Schurrle                  11/2

Mesut Ozil                          7/1

Clint Dempsey                   8/1

Bastian Schweinsteiger 9/1

Toni Kroos                           9/1

Jozy Altidore                      10/1

Julian Draxler                     10/1

Chris Wondolowski         12/1

Aron Johannsson             12/1

Julian Green                       14/1

Christoph Kramer            16/1

Kevin Grosskreutz           16/1

Brad Davis                           20/1

Michael Bradley                20/1

Graham Zusi                       20/1

Erik Durm                            20/1

Mathias Ginter                  20/1

Sami Khedira                      20/1

Mats Hummels                 20/1

Alejandro Bedoya            25/1

DaMarcus Beasley           25/1

Mikkel Diskerud               25/1

Per Mertesacker              25/1

Philipp Lahm                      25/1

Kyle Beckerman               33/1

Fabian Johnson                 33/1

Jermaine Jones                 33/1

Benedikt Howedes         33/1

Jerome Boateng               33/1

Geoff Cameron                40/1

John Anthony Brooks     40/1

Omar Gonzalez                 50/1

Timothy Chandler            50/1

DeAndre Yedlin                66/1

Matt Besler                        66/1

No Goalscorer                   6/1


USA vs Germany – Anytime Goalscorer

Miroslav Klose                   11/10

Thomas Muller                  11/10

Mario Gotze                       11/8

Lukas Podolski                   7/4

Andre Schurrle                  15/8

Mesut Ozil                          2/1

Julian Draxler                     3/1

Jozy Altidore                      7/2

Clint Dempsey                   7/2

Toni Kroos                           7/2

Chris Wondolowski         4/1

Bastian Schweinsteiger 4/1

Aron Johannsson             5/1

Christoph Kramer            5/1

Kevin Grosskreutz           5/1

Julian Green                       6/1

Michael Bradley                6/1

Sami Khedira                      6/1

Brad Davis                           7/1

Erik Durm                            7/1

Mathias Ginter                  7/1

Alejandro Bedoya            8/1

Graham Zusi                       8/1

Philipp Lahm                      8/1

Mats Hummels                 8/1

DaMarcus Beasley           9/1

Per Mertesacker              9/1

Mikkel Diskerud               10/1

Benedikt Howedes         10/1

Kyle Beckerman               12/1

Fabian Johnson                 12/1

Jermaine Jones                 12/1

Jerome Boateng               12/1

John Anthony Brooks     14/1

Timothy Chandler            14/1

Geoff Cameron                16/1

Omar Gonzalez                 18/1

DeAndre Yedlin                20/1

Matt Besler                        20/1


USA vs Germany – First USA Goalscorer

Clint Dempsey                   4/1

Aron Johannsson             4/1

Chris Wondolowski         19/4

Jozy Altidore                      5/1

Julian Green                       6/1

Alejandro Bedoya            15/2

Michael Bradley                8/1

Brad Davis                           9/1

Graham Zusi                       10/1

DaMarcus Beasley           12/1

Mikkel Diskerud               12/1

Jermaine Jones                 12/1

Kyle Beckerman               14/1

Fabian Johnson                 18/1

John Anthony Brooks     18/1

Timothy Chandler            18/1

Geoff Cameron                20/1

Omar Gonzalez                 22/1

DeAndre Yedlin                25/1

Matt Besler                        33/1


USA vs Germany – First Germany Goalscorer

Miroslav Klose                   21/10

Thomas Muller                  21/10

Lukas Podolski                   7/2

Mesut Ozil                          15/4

Mario Gotze                       4/1

Andre Schurrle                  4/1

Julian Draxler                     13/2

Bastian Schweinsteiger 8/1

Toni Kroos                           8/1

Christoph Kramer            12/1

Kevin Grosskreutz           12/1

Sami Khedira                      12/1

Mathias Ginter                  16/1

Erik Durm                            22/1

Benedikt Howedes         22/1

Per Mertesacker              22/1

Philipp Lahm                      22/1

Mats Hummels                 22/1

Jerome Boateng               25/1


USA vs Germany – Player To Be Shown a Card

Kyle Beckerman               5/4

Timothy Chandler            5/4

Michael Bradley                15/8

Geoff Cameron                15/8

Jerome Boateng               15/8

DaMarcus Beasley           2/1

Fabian Johnson                 2/1

John Anthony Brooks     2/1

Omar Gonzalez                 2/1

DeAndre Yedlin                2/1

Matt Besler                        2/1

Bastian Schweinsteiger 2/1

Per Mertesacker              2/1

Kevin Grosskreutz           2/1

Sami Khedira                      2/1

Philipp Lahm                      2/1

Mats Hummels                 2/1

Clint Dempsey                   5/2

Jermaine Jones                 5/2

Erik Durm                            5/2

Benedikt Howedes         5/2

Julian Green                       11/4

Alejandro Bedoya            11/4

Brad Davis                           11/4

Mikkel Diskerud               11/4

Graham Zusi                       11/4

Chris Wondolowski         7/2

Christoph Kramer            4/1

Thomas Muller                  5/1

Andre Schurrle                  5/1

Toni Kroos                           5/1

Julian Draxler                     5/1

Mathias Ginter                  5/1

Mario Gotze                       11/2

Lukas Podolski                   11/2

Aron Johannsson             13/2

Miroslav Klose                   13/2

Mesut Ozil                          7/1


USA vs Germany – Scorecast (Player to score first and exact score)

Clint Dempsey & USA 1-0                             66/1

Clint Dempsey & USA 2-0                             150/1

Clint Dempsey & USA 2-1                             80/1

Clint Dempsey & USA 3-0                             350/1

Clint Dempsey & USA 3-1                             250/1

Clint Dempsey & Draw 1-1                           22/1

Clint Dempsey & Draw 2-2                           50/1

Clint Dempsey & Germany 2-1                   40/1

Aron Johannsson & USA 1-0                        110/1

Aron Johannsson & USA 2-0                        250/1

Aron Johannsson & USA 2-1                        125/1

Aron Johannsson & USA 3-0                        500/1

Aron Johannsson & USA 3-1                        450/1

Aron Johannsson & Draw 1-1                      40/1

Aron Johannsson & Draw 2-2                      90/1

Aron Johannsson & Germany 2-1             66/1

Chris Wondolowski & USA 1-0                    75/1

Chris Wondolowski & USA 2-0                    175/1

Chris Wondolowski & USA 2-1                    90/1

Chris Wondolowski & USA 3-0                    400/1

Chris Wondolowski & USA 3-1                    300/1

Chris Wondolowski & Draw 1-1                  28/1

Chris Wondolowski & Draw 2-2                  55/1

Chris Wondolowski & Germany 2-1          45/1

Michael Bradley & USA 1-0                          175/1

Michael Bradley & USA 2-0                          375/1

Michael Bradley & USA 2-1                          200/1

Michael Bradley & USA 3-0                          750/1

Michael Bradley & USA 3-1                          500/1

Michael Bradley & Draw 1-1                        55/1

Michael Bradley & Draw 2-2                        125/1

Michael Bradley & Germany 2-1                100/1

Thomas Muller & Germany 1-0                  25/1

Thomas Muller & Germany 2-0                  28/1

Thomas Muller & Germany 2-1                  33/1

Thomas Muller & Germany 3-0                  55/1

Thomas Muller & Germany 3-1                  55/1

Thomas Muller & Draw 1-1                          18/1

Thomas Muller & Draw 2-2                          40/1

Thomas Muller & USA 2-1                            55/1

Miroslav Klose & Germany 1-0                   28/1

Miroslav Klose & Germany 2-0                   35/1

Miroslav Klose & Germany 2-1                   40/1

Miroslav Klose & Germany 3-0                   66/1

Miroslav Klose & Germany 3-1                   66/1

Miroslav Klose & Draw 1-1                           22/1

Miroslav Klose & Draw 2-2                           45/1

Miroslav Klose & USA 2-1                             75/1

Mario Gotze & Germany 1-0                       33/1

Mario Gotze & Germany 2-0                       40/1

Mario Gotze & Germany 2-1                       40/1

Mario Gotze & Germany 3-0                       66/1

Mario Gotze & Germany 3-1                       66/1

Mario Gotze & Draw 1-1                               25/1

Mario Gotze & Draw 2-2                               50/1

Mario Gotze & USA 2-1                                 80/1

Andre Schurrle & Germany 1-0                  33/1

Andre Schurrle & Germany 2-0                  40/1

Andre Schurrle & Germany 2-1                  45/1

Andre Schurrle & Germany 3-0                  75/1

Andre Schurrle & Germany 3-1                  75/1

Andre Schurrle & Draw 1-1                          25/1

Andre Schurrle & Draw 2-2                          55/1

Andre Schurrle & USA 2-1                            90/1


USA vs Germany – Correct Score

USA 1-0                                12/1

USA 2-0                                33/1

USA 2-1                                20/1

USA 3-0                                80/1

USA 3-1                                50/1

USA 3-2                                66/1

USA 4-0                                200/1

USA 4-1                                150/1

USA 4-2                                150/1

USA 4-3                                200/1

USA 5-0                                250/1

Draw 0-0                              6/1

Draw 1-1                              4/1

Draw 2-2                              10/1

Draw 3-3                              50/1

Draw 4-4                              200/1

Germany 1-0                      13/2

Germany 2-0                      7/1

Germany 2-1                      8/1

Germany 3-0                      12/1

Germanu 3-1                     12/1

Germany 3-2                      25/1

Germany 4-0                      25/1

Germany 4-1                      25/1

Germany 4-2                      50/1

Germany 4-3                      100/1

Germany 5-0                      50/1


USA vs Germany – Half Time / Full Time

USA / USA                           +1000

USA / Draw                         +1000

USA / Germany                +2000

Draw / USA                         +1200

Draw / Draw                       +350

Draw / Germany              +350

Germany / USA                +5000

Germany / Draw              +1000

Germany / Germany      +150


USA vs Germany – Both Teams to Score

Yes                         -120

No                          -110


USA vs Germany – Winning Margin                        

USA to win by 1 goal                                       +700

USA to win by 2 goals                                     +2200

USA to win by 3 goals                                     +6600

USA to win by 4 or more goals                    +20000

Germany to win by 1 goal                             +300

Germany to win by 2 goals                           +350

Germany to win by 3 goals                           +650

Germany to win by 4 or more goals         +900

Score Draw                                                         +300

0-0 Draw                                                              +600


USA vs Germany – Match Result & Both Teams To Score

USA & Yes                           +1200

Germany & Yes                 +275

Draw & Yes                         +275

USA & No                            +1100

Germany & No                  +175

Draw & No                          +800


USA vs Germany – Match Result & Over/Under 2.5 Goals                         

USA & Over 2.5                                 +1100

Germany & Over 2.5                       +160

Draw & Over 2.5                               +1000

USA & Under 2.5                              +1200

Germany & Under 2.5                    +300

Draw & Under 2.5                            +260


USA vs Germany – To Win To Nil                           

USA                       +180

Germany             +1100

USA vs Germany – To Win Both Halves

USA                       +2500

Germany                             325

USA vs Germany – To Come From Behind and Win

USA                                       +2500

Germany                             +700


USA vs Germany  – First Offside

USA                       -110

Germany             -120


USA vs Germany – Half Time Correct Score                         

USA  1-0                               +650

USA  2-0                               +4000

USA  2-1                               +4000

Draw 0-0                              +175

Draw 1-1                              +700

Draw 2-2                              +6600

Germany 1-0                      +250

Germany 2-0                      +700

Germany 2-1                      +2000


USA vs Germany – Total 1st Half Goals Over/Under 0.5 Goals

Over 0.5                                               O ½ (-230)

Under 0.5                                            U ½ (+175)


USA vs Germany – Total 1st Half Goals Over/Under 1.5 Goals

Over 1.5                                               O 1½ (+200)

Under 1.5                                            U 1½ (-275)


USA vs Germany – Total 1st Half Goals Over/Under 2.5 Goals

Over 2.5                                               O 2½ (+700)

Under 2.5                                            U 2½ (-1400)


USA vs Germany – Highest Scoring Half

1st Half                 +225

2nd Half               EVEN

Draw                     +250


USA vs Germany – Team to Score 1st

USA                       +225

Germany             -310


USA vs Germany – Team to Score Last

USA                       +225

Germany             -310


USA vs Germany – Time of 1st Goal

1-10 Mins                            +325

11-20 Mins                          +400

21-30 Mins                          +500

31-40 Mins                          +650

41-50 Mins                          +750

51-60 Mins                          +1000

61-70 Mins                          +1400

71-80 Mins                          +2000

81 Mins – Full Time           +2000

No Goal                                +600

USA vs Germany – 1st 10 Minutes – Total Goals

Over                                      ½ (+450)

Under                                   ½ (-750)


USA vs Germany – 1st 10 Minutes – Match Result                        

USA                       +1100

Germany             +600

Draw                     -800


USA vs Germany – Total Goals

0 or 1                     +260

2 or 3                     -115

4+                           +250

USA vs Germany – USA Total Goals

No Goals              +120

1 Goal                   +135

2 Goals                 +450

3 Goals                 +2200

4 or More Goals+10000


USA vs Germany – Total USA Goals Over/Under 0.5 Goals                         

Over 0.5                                               O ½ (-155)

Under 0.5                                            U ½ (+120)


USA vs Germany – Total USA Goals Over/Under 1.5 Goals                         

Over 1.5                                               O 1½ (+325)

Under 1.5                                            U 1½ (-500)


USA vs Germany – Total USA Goals Over/Under 2.5 Goals                         

Over 2.5                                               O 2½ (+1400)

Under 2.5                                            U 2½ (-5000)


USA vs Germany – Germany Total Goals                         

No Goals              +450

1 Goal                   +200

2 Goals                 +240

3 Goals                 +450

4 or More Goals+750


USA vs Germany  – Total Germany Goals Over/Under 0.5 Goals

Over 0.5                                               O ½ (-750)

Under 0.5                                            U ½ (+450)


USA vs Germany – Total Germany Goals Over/Under 1.5 Goals

Over 1.5                                               O 1½ (-135)

Under 1.5                                            U 1½ (+105)


USA vs Germany – Total Germany Goals Over/Under 2.5 Goals

Over 2.5                                               O 2½ (+240)

Under 2.5                                            U 2½ (-335)


USA vs Germany – Will a Penalty Kick be Scored?

Yes                         +325

No                          -500


USA vs Germany – Will a Penalty Kick be Awarded?

Yes                         +275

No                          -400


USA vs Germany – Will a Penalty Kick be Missed?

Yes                         +1200

No                          -3300


USA vs Germany – Will an Own Goal be scored?

Yes                         +1000

No                          -2500


USA vs Germany – Method of 1st Goal

Open play shot inside the box                    2/3

Header                                                                 4/1

Open play shot outside the box                6/1

Penalty                                                                 11/1

Direct from Free Kick                                      16/1

Own Goal                                                            20/1

World Cup 2014 – Top Goalscorer Futures Odds

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Lionel Messi (Argentina) +750


Messi leads the dynamic Argentina attack and he ranked 2nd in Spain’s La Liga in goals this club season for Barcelona. Since Sergio Aguero and Gonzalo Higuain are also great strikers so teams cannot just focus on Messi, which is why he has the best odds.


Neymar (Brazil) +1000


Neymar only had 9 goals this season for Barcelona and that is because Messi is THE main guy there. Still the young up and coming star spearheads the Brazil attack.


Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) +1200


Ronaldo lead La Liga in goals this season and may be THE best striker in the world, Messi fans may have some thin to say about that, but he may not be the best bet. First of all he is playing in the Group of Death and second teams will really key on stopping him, as Portugal does not have a great 2nd option on offense.


Sergio Aguero (Argentina) +1600


Plays alongside Messi and Gonzalo Higuain for a loaded offense for Argentina and he has a good season at Manchester City that was derailed a big by injuries.  If teams key on stopping Messi Aguero may make them pay, big time.


Diego Costa (Spain) +1600


Costa ranked 3rd this season in goals scored and for Spain he is one of the key players. However, he may not be fully ready for the tournament dealing with injuries at the end of the season for Atletico Madrid.


Luis Suarez (Uruguay)+2000


Suarez was on fire this whole season in the England Premier League scoring the most goals, by a wide margin, even though he missed several matches in the beginning of the season due to a suspension. He is the leader of a Uruguay offense that is one of the best playing this summer.


Fred (Brazil) +2000


Fred plays alongside Neymar and while does not get the press is still a great striker for the solid Brazil attack.


Gonzalo Higuain (Argentina) +2000


Yet another world-class striker for Argentina, as they have three players that rank in the top 10 in top goalscorer odds.


Karim Benzema (France) +2500


Benzema may be a good bet, as he leads the attack for France. The French imploded in 2010 in South Africa, but they have a solid team this year and Benzema leads the attack for the squad that is not playing in the toughest of groups.


Thomas Muller (Germany) +2500


Muller is THE main guy up front for the German squad that is totally stacked. However, the Germans get many of their goals from the midfield and Muller may not be the best bet.


Robin Van Persie (Netherlands) +2800


Surprising that Van Persie is this far down on the list, as he plays for Dutch team that has a great defense. He is a goal-scoring machine when healthy and his goal scoring numbers were down this season for Manchester City, as he was injured for part of the season.


Here are the players with the best odds to win the top goalscorer and you can check out the full list at Bovada.


Lionel Messi (Argentina) +750

Neymar (Brazil) +1000

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) +1200

Sergio Aguero (Argentina) +1600

Diego Costa (Spain) +1600

Luis Suarez (Uruguay)+2000

Fred (Brazil) +2000

Gonzalo Higuain (Argentina) +2000

Karim Benzema (France) +2500

Thomas Muller (Germany) +2500

Robin Van Persie (Netherlands) +2800

Romelu Lukaku (Belgium) +2800

Mario Balotelli (Italy) +3300

Edinson Cavani (Uruguay) +4000

Hulk (Brazil) +4000

Miroslav Klose (Germany) +4000


Top South American World Cup Squad

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Brazil +110


Brazil is a loaded squad that may have one of the best defenses in the tournament and has a solid attack as well led by Neymar and Hulk. Oscar from Chelsea is the rock in the midfield and the host nation faces Croatia, Mexico, and Cameroon in Group A, which Brazil is the big betting favorite to win. They have a tough road to the finals even if they win Group A likely having to face Holland or Spain in the round of 16 match up and then maybe a dream match up facing Germany in the semifinals.


Argentina +162


Argentina likely has the best offense in the tournament and the trio of Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, Napoli’s Gonzolo Higain, and Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero all are in the top 10 in odds to win the best goal scorer in Brazil. They face Nigeria and Bosnia and Herzegovina in group play, which are like them in that they have a solid offense, but issues on defense. Team play is key for Argentina, as they sometimes rely too much on individual talent, which has hurt them in the last several World Cups when they face elite squads.


Uruguay +800


Uruguay won the World Cup the only other time it was hosted in Brazil back in 1950 and they have a solid squad this time around. The offense is the strength of the squad led by the trio of Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani and Diego Forlan, who are all world-class strikers. Still, the defense is the concern and that showed in South American qualifying where they needed to force an intercontinental playoff tie just to qualify for Brazil. On top of that they are in a one of the tougher groups having to face Italy and England.


Colombia +900


Colombia came into the World Cup with high hopes, as they were very solid in the South American qualification process and they were not drawn into the toughest of groups. However, lead striker Radamel Falcao pulled out of the World Cup recently and his loss to the offense is a very big blow. He being out means the midfield has to create more offense and the defense is the weakness of the squad.


Chile +2500


Chile has a good squad and ended South American qualifying playing great but they were drawn into a very tough group having to face both Holland and Spain. They may have to win the group to go far, as if they finish 2nd they will likely have to face Brazil in the round of 16 match. The defense gave up 1.5 goals per match in qualifying and the midfield may be a big concern since the Spanish and Dutch are so good in that part of the pitch.



Ecuador +6600


Ecuador had a losing record in South American qualifying and they made it to Brazil because of their great home record, which was not surprising since they play at an altitude of over 9,000 feet. They are not in the toughest group, but still have a tall order to get out of it since it has France and Switzerland.

Portugal World Cup Preview

Portugal can’t feel lucky to be in the Group of Death for the 2nd straight World Cup, but they advanced out of the group in 2010 and have the 2nd best betting odds to win their group this summer. It helps that they have, maybe, THE best player in the world in Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo. However, while he is the big star of the squad there are other players that have world-class talent, which is why Portugal has the 9th best odds to win the World Cup overall.

Group Preview

Portugal is in Group G along with Germany, Ghana, and USA. They face Germany on the opening match and are the betting underdogs, but if they can take, at least, a point away from that match they may be in good shape. Still, Germany is stacked and has the 3rd best overall odds to win the World Cup. They face the USA next and then Ghana and while their offensive firepower outmatches both of those squads they have to play well in the midfield and be wary of the counter-attack.



Odds to win World Cup: +275

Odds to win Group: +2800

Odds to finish bottom of group: +650


Best World Cup Finish: 3rd place (1966)


World Cup Match Schedule


16//06/14 Germany vs. Portugal – Arena Fonte Nova

22/06/14 United States vs. Portugal – Arena Amazonia

26/06/14 Portugal vs. Ghana – Nacional




Portugal was the betting favorite to win their World Cup qualifying group, but finished behind a surprising Russian squad. They did not have a tough group, but their first loss in the group against Russia and draws against Northern Ireland and Israel put them behind the 8-ball early. However, they regrouped winning 6 of their next 7 matches including an away and home European playoff tie facing a legit Sweden team. In the 2nd leg Ronaldo netted a hat trick and in the first leg he scored the lone goal in the match.


Strengths and Weaknesses


Obviously the biggest strength of the squad is Ronaldo and his attacking abilities, but when defenses trap him other players will have to step up. Center back Bruno Alves is the leader of the defense and he is also solid on offense, especially on corner kicks. Playmakers Joao Moutinho will have to get Ronaldo the ball from the midfield and also help thwart the counter-attack since Portugal pushes forward on offense. The squad is not good at defending corners and set pieces, which may really hurt them facing Germany.

Top European World Cup Squad

Picking the top European team in the World Cup is a very hard pick since there are several squads that have legit odds to go the furthest led by Germany.

Germany +250

Germany has the best odds out of any European team to win the World Cup and while they were drawn into the Group of Death they definitely have the talent to go all the way. Their midfield and defense is great and while they do not have a superstar striker Thomas Muller is a solid attacker. If things work out as the odds makers say they will face Brazil in the semifinals.

Spain +300

Spain is the defending World Cup champion and plays in Group B along with Holland, who they beat in 2010 World Cup final. Winning the group may be key, as the 2nd place finisher will likely face Brazil in the round of 16. Cesc Fabregas, Andres Iniesta, and Xabi Alonso lead a great midfield that is great at dominating the time off possession.

Belgium +600

Belgium has a great all around squad with no big weaknesses and they were drawn into one of the easier groups. To go far in the tournament they may have to win the group since the runner up in their group faces the winner of the Group of Death, which is favored to be Germany.

France +900

France was embarrassed in the last World Cup, but they have a great squad for this summer and are the betting favorites to win their group, which is one of the easier ones. Karim Benzema leads the offense and Franck Ribery leads the solid midfield.

Holland +1200

Holland has the offense, but can their defense, which is their weakness, play well like they did 4 years ago in their run to the final? Robin Van Persie leads the solid Dutch attack and they have a good midfield led by Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder. Odds makers have them with the 2nd best odds to get out of their group, which includes Spain, and if they finish 2nd they will likely have to face Brazil, who they beat in the quarterfinals in 2010, in the round of 16.


Italy +1200


Italy is a veteran laden squad that still has a couple of heroes from the 2006 World Cup winning team in GK Gianluigi Buffon and MF Andrea Pirlo. The Italians are in a tough group along with England and Uruguay and have the best betting odds to win it. Winning their group would be key, as it would get them out of the side of the draw that will likely include Brazil and Germany.


Portugal +1400


Portugal is all about Cristiano Ronaldo, but the squad may be deeper than they were in 2010 when they were in the Group of Death and advanced. They are in that dreaded group again, but Joao Moutinho and Nani lead a solid midfield, which will take some pressure of Ronaldo.


England +1600


England is in a group with Italy and Uruguay and while the squad has a good midfield and Wayne Rooney up front the defense and GK Joe Hart are the main issues.


Here are the odds to be the top finishing team from Europe as of June 2nd.


Germany +250

Spain +300

Belgium +600

France +900

Netherlands +1200

Italy +1200

Portugal +1400

England +1600

Russia +3300

Switzerland +4000

Bosnia-Herzegovina +5000

Croatia +5000

Greece +10000


Nigeria World Cup Preview

Nigeria is a fast and powerful team that is coming off the African Cup of Nations, but has had issues in their own football federation and that has hindered the squad playing as a team. Still, the offense is there and while they have a solid keeper the defense is the big issue. They are in a tough group that has 2 other teams that have a better attack than they do and that is a big concern. Nigeria has the 3rd best odds to win their group and is a big time long shot to win the whole tournament.


Group Preview


Nigeria is in Group F with Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Iran. While Nigeria has a legit offense and issues on defense so do Argentina and Bosnia and Herzegovina while Iran is a more defensive squad. It is vital that they take 3 points from Iran in their World Cup opener and if they don’t they could be in big trouble right away. The next match facing Bosnia and Herzegovina may be the big one, as if they lose and then have to beat Argentina in the group finale they are in for a tall task, which is a major understatement.




Odds to win World Cup: +25000

Odds to win Group: +900

Odds to finish bottom of group: +300


Best World Cup Finish: Last 16 (1994, 1998)


World Cup Match Schedule


16/06/14 Iran vs. Nigeria – Arena da Baixada

21/06/14 Nigeria vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina – Arena Pantanal

25/06/14 Nigeria vs. Argentina – Estadio Beira-Rio




In World Cup qualifying Nigeria beat Ethiopia 4-1 on aggregate in the playoffs after winning their African group. They ended the process well winners of 3 of their last 4 matches and overall they did not beat. While they were not playing great teams their defense did come up with 2 clean sheets in their last 3 matches. In every single qualifying match they scored a goal and they ended with a record of 7-0-3.


Strengths and Weaknesses


The attacking strength of Nigeria comes from their 2 star players in the Chelsea midfield duo of John Obi Mikel and Victor Moses. Moses is one of the up and coming while Mikel is the veteran. While these 2 will be pressing forward they cannot get out of position, as they are susceptible to the counter-attack. The defenders are concerns, but they do have a solid keeper in Lille’s Vincent Enyeama. The squad was a resilient one in qualifying coming through and taking points from several matches when they gave up the lead.

Iran World Cup Betting Picks

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Iran is a team that has a good defense, but they really lack world-class talent. They have the worst odds to win their group and overall the 4th worst odds to win the World Cup. The squad was not very impressive in qualifying and after they advanced to Brazil they are winless with 2 losses and 1 draw and all of those matches were against teams not playing this summer. In their 3 World Cup they have never advanced out of the group stage and are betting long shots to do it in Brazil.


Group Preview


Iran is in Group F with and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Nigeria, and Argentina. While Iran is led by their defense every other squad in their group is led by a solid attack. They first face Nigeria and that may be their best chance to take points if they can play good defense and get some counter-attack chances. They are very overmatched facing Bosnia-Herzegovina and especially Argentina, who have the 2nd best overall odds to win the World Cup.




Odds to win World Cup: +150000

Odds to win Group: +3300

Odds to finish bottom of group: -175


Best World Cup Finish: Group Stage (1978, 1998, 2006)


World Cup Match Schedule


16/06/14 Iran vs. Nigeria – Arena da Baixada

21/06/14 Argentina vs. Iran – Estadio Mineirão

25/06/14 Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Iran – Arena Fonte Nova




Iran was up and down in qualifying, as they finished third in their Asian group, but twice beat South Korea, who is playing this summer. They had 3 clean sheet wins in their last 3 matches, which were crucial, and overall had a qualifying record of 6-2-2. However, their 2 losses were against inferior teams Lebanon and Uzbekistan.


Strengths and Weaknesses


The strength of the Iran squad is definitely the defense, but they have to keep teams out of their box. They gave up the most goals from close range than any other team that is playing in Brazil. The midfield and offense are issues Reza Ghoochannejhad from Standard Liege in Belgium has to give the team some offense and hope he can get fed the ball on the counter-attack. Ashkan Dejagah is a MF that plays for Fulham in the England Premier League and he will really be counted on to keep the other teams in the group from dominating the time of possession.

Ghana World Cup Preview

Ghana World Cup Preview


Ghana was a surprise quarterfinalist in the last World Cup, but getting back there is going to be very hard this summer since they are playing in the Group of Death. They have long shot betting odds to win the World Cup and the 3rd worst odds to win their killer group. Still, they have a strong midfield with some world-class talent and their offense averaged over 3 goals per match in qualifying.


Group Preview


Ghana is in Group G along with Germany, Portugal, and USA. They face the Americans in their first match and they may need to take 3 points away from it to have any chance to advance out of the group stage. In an interesting fact Ghana has ousted the Yanks from the last 2 World Cups. They then face Germany where they are big betting underdogs and then end the group stage by playing Portugal. Both of those matches are killer ones with Germany being a loaded squad and Portugal having, arguably, the best FW in the world in Cristiano Ronaldo.




Odds to win World Cup: +25000

Odds to win Group: +1200

Odds to finish bottom of group: +120


Best World Cup Finish: Quarterfinals (2010)


World Cup Match Schedule


16/6/14 Ghana vs. United States – Estadio das Dunas

21/6/14 Germany vs. Ghana – Estadio Castelão

26/6/14 Portugal vs. Ghana – Nacional




Ghana won their African qualifying group and then they won 7-3 in aggregate beating a solid squad from Egypt. In the first leg of the playoff tie they blew up on offense and beat Egypt 6-1 to, pretty much, punch their ticket to Brazil. While they were solid against Egypt they were not impressive in winning one of the weaker groups. Their record in qualifying was 6-3-1 and after a slow start they won 5 straight matches before losing their last one to Egypt, but were already so far ahead after the first leg that loss did not matter.


Strengths and Weaknesses


The midfield is definitely the strength of the squad with the likes of Kwadwo Asamoah, Michael Essien, and Kevin-Prince Boateng, who all play in big leagues in Europe. The defense is not a great one and they do not have a world-class striker. One concern is that they are not a good team when they give up the lead, as in qualifying they did not got 1 point when they were down.

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